Trouville-sur-Mer in winter

To reach one of the closest beaches to Paris by train, head for Saint Lazare, and hop on a nomad train for a breath of fresh air 2 hours from the capital. Deauville? No, let’s go to its more confidential neighbor, Trouville-sur-Mer.

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Things to do in Trouville in winter

Before the 19th century, Trouville was only a simple small fishing port, dedicated to the production of oysters. It is only in 1847 that this small port merges with Hennequeville, and becomes Trouville-sur-Mer. Trouville is above all the sea. It falls well, we came for that. And in spite of the wind and the rain, we can make a pretty stroll on the fine sand beach, and admire the beautiful houses, of which the Villa Montebello, which accommodates a small museum. You can also go on the wooden pier to the lighthouses. The red lighthouse is that of Trouville, and the green lighthouse opposite is that of Deauville. Inside the town, the rue des bains is home to shops, restaurants, terraces and picturesque fishermen’s houses that make you feel like you’re taking a trip back in time. If you look up, you’ll also find graffiti and other street art invading the walls. If you chose to stay at the hotel Le Beach (SOWELL), you can warm up in the heated glass roof pool with a view of the sea. The hotel also offers a good breakfast with a view of the port and a cosy bar in a warm decor. Why not enjoy a small Calvados by the fireplace? Which brings us to…

Where to eat and drink in Trouville in winter

Even if the weather is not always good, it is possible to eat on a terrace… covered. This is the case of Chez Alain, a fishmonger in the port who has invested in a terrace with heated glass windows. You can enjoy large platters of fresh seafood. Because Trouville remains above all a fishing port, with 25 trawlers and fishermen who wish to perpetuate the artisanal traditions. In the evening, you can also go to the Villatara, in the heart of the town’s casino. Even if you are not a gambler, you will appreciate the rococo decoration (you will almost think you are in a Disney movie), the live concerts every Saturday night and the menu, both refined and copious. It is also the occasion to eat in a casino dating from 1912, built on the theme of Louisiana. For a fish and chips or a quick beer before hopping on the train home, head to Au Bureau. Fortunately nothing to do with work, it is a pub all idle.

So yes, “Trouville” may not be as famous as Deauville, but this charming port two hours from Paris has everything to make you leave the city and get you out of your hole.

*Music: A Man and a Woman by Francis Lai*

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This article is a translation of the original French article Trouville-sur-Mer en hiver

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