Digression can be a wonderful thing, it sweeps us up from where we began, and frequently lands us somewhere altogether unexpected. It’s usually unintentional, it may mean we don’t reach our destination perfectly on time, and yet it can be the best part of the journey.

In a society where time is often short, where efficiency is commonly prized above all else, it can be difficult to indulge ourselves in the time to wander. But that is exactly what this blog sets out to do. We’ll take the time to stroll, to discover treasures kept secret or neglected by everyday existence. Urban Digression is about taking the time to waste time and in so doing, perhaps finding a new way. Our meanderings might be literary, visual, acoustic, scenic or theatrical. We hope that you’ll join us in our many digressions.

For each article, music is provided to accompany the reading. As you may have noticed from the musical selection, Paris is often – but by no means always – the setting for our travels. But I digress…

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+ Music : Yael Naïm – Paris +

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